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CAA Booking Agent, Kevin Castleman

In this episode we talk with Kevin Castleman, a booking agent for CAA (Creative Artist Agency, CAA.com), about live music in 2020 and how artists can prepare for life after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Episode 15 - Jack & The Bear

In this episode we talk with Jack & The Bear about their Halloween themed release, Gruesome Gruesome Volume Twosome, which is a follow up to last year's EP titled, Gruesome Gruesome. Topics include the creative process, the Grammys, surviving in a niche market and creating as much as you can before your time is up.


Episode 14 - Dave Buker & The Historians

On this episode, Dave and Leanna Buker joined us in Studio B to talk about their newest release, vinyls, singles versus albums, worst gigs, and somehow we end up relating the Cleveland Browns to music careers. Just after we recorded this podcast they performed at our Songwriter Showcase. Check the links below to view their performance!

 Check out Dave and Leanna's performance here!

To learn more about Dave Buker and the Historians visit davebukerhistorians.com!

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Episode 13 - Alex Meixner

World class musician and polka artist, Alex Meixner talks about how he thrives in a niche market landing a gig as a one-man-band in a series of commercials for Hormel Pepperoni and working with Jack Black on the soundtrack for the Netflix Original, The Polka King.

Check out the Facebook live podcast we did with Alex here. 

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Hear the latest behind the scenes news and find out about future guests.


Episode 12 - Larry Meyer

Larry Meyer is an attorney and board member of The Arts Commission in Toledo, Ohio who loves to nerd out on aspects of the music business. In this episode we discuss copyright and how it can be used to protect your creative works. Joel Trzcinski also joins the conversation and touches on Spotify and streaming topics.


Episode 11 - On Cue

A group of Ohio based theater kids and their parents join us to share how they formed "On Cue" to provide learning experiences for individuals passionate about creative arts. We also get to hear some great "Worst Gig" stories from the stage.


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Episode 10 - Eric Oblander

In this episode, Eric Oblander joins us in Studio B to talk about life as a touring musician and how it led to becoming a television producer in Toledo, Ohio.


Check out Eric's show Rise Up at bcanarts.com/rise-up.

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Episode 9 - Dean Tartaglia

We cover a range of topics with Dean Tartaglia and Joel Trzcinski including the launch of Dean's new PR company, touring with Tenacious D, getting sued by a band with the same name, celebrity sightings, and more!

Check out Little Star PR at littlestarpr.com!  

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Here is a podcast update delivering details for future episodes as well a teaser of Dean Tartaglia's "worst gig" opening for Tenacious D.

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